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1 Prep hair by washing, conditioning and blow drying straight. Make sure you use a blow-drying cream for heat protection.

2 Split the hair into front and back sections. Part the front section into a middle parting.

3 Pin the three sections of hair up. You may want to split the back section into two sections if there is a lot of hair. Starting at the nape of the neck, heat wave the hair from the bottom to the top. This is time consuming as you want to make sure your waves all lie on top of each other.

4 Wave the hair from where you would like the wave to start. When you start your second section make sure your waves line up. When complete, secure to the previous section with silver pronged clips. These help to set the hair as the hair cools.

5 Once all your waves are complete, leave to cool thoroughly. 

6 Once cool, brush the waves working gently from the bottom with a boar bristle brush to create soft, angelic waves. Use the side of your hand to define each wave once brushed. Do not over burden the hair with hairspray.

Hair: David Corbett Hairdressing

Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Photograph: John Rawson

David Corbett is the owner of David Corbett Hairdressing in Bothwell, Scotland, and is one of the most exciting hairdressers in the UK. He has been a finalist for Scottish Hairdresser of the Year and is also a finalist for 2020 British Hairdressing Awards. He is celebrating 10 years in his current property and is ideally placed for creative and business quotes.