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Dolce + Gabbana always knows how to set the sartorial tone, and this season was no exception, where the duo rocked the runway with a veritable feast for the fashion senses. The show was a riot of colour, with models sporting neon bright clothing (inspired by artificial intelligence and the brand’s iconic looks from the 90s) fused with multi-coloured buzzcuts and standout blue mullets for some serious ‘look at me’ appeal. Blue is of course not a hair colour for the faint hearted of clients, but it can be used as light or as dark as they dare, for some serious ‘winter blues’ appeal. A firm celebrity favourite over the years (Demi Lovato famously said you know you’ve made it when you can dye your hair blue) it’s a far cry from the days of the blue rinses favoured by grandmas, and now every celebrity from Katie Perry, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenna and Rhianna have sported a sky blue hue. I love a very pale aqua blue, as pictured in my Graffiti colour collection, but remember that blue applied onto a yellow base will achieve a green, so ensure you’re working on as clean a base as possible, and the lighter the hue the cleaner it will need to be. True blues will of course experience fade into a more green hue, so advise clients to use a purple shampoo to keep the green at bay, too. 

TH1 HAIR: was launched by multi award-winning hairstylist, Thomas Hills, in 2004. Located in a prime spot in the heart of Oxted, Surrey, the salon boasts a talented team of eight stylists, proficient in cutting, styling and technical ability and dedicated to delivering exemplary customer care. 

A Revlon Professional affiliated salon, the team are regulars backstage at London Fashion Week while Director, Thomas, travels globally, educating and innovating on behalf of the brand. Thomas is also the 2020 British Hairdressing Awards Southern Hairdresser of the Year.


TH1 Hair, 27 Station Road, Oxted, Surrey RH8 0BD  01883 713680

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