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Copper chameleons from HOB Academy!

For so many, copper hair seems to take people out of their comfort zone, perceived as a colour for those with a clearer, more rose-tinted complexion. Copper is a hair colour that is much more versatile than clients may think. It’s how the shade is intermixed to make it personalised to your own skin tone, whether you want a striking, vibrant ‘look at me’ colour or something more muted and subtle. And Summer 22 is the perfect time to introduce the colour palette for those looking for something a little more spicy.

The HOB Creative Team choose their three favourite coppers for the summer months.


Truly a bright orange that is jam-packed with warmth, vibrancy and exudes healthiness. This shade is best worn on clearer, golden and universal complexions. If you have more of an olive or deeper skin tone, your colourist will opt for a small amount of red or mahogany in the mixture. This helps to cool down the tone slightly and enhance your facial canvas.

Hot Paprika

Vibrant, punchy with added depth, this shade works amazingly with all skin tones due to the fact it works with orange, yellow and mahogany (warmth mixed with cool.) It’s a shade most can pull off and for those with more olive, universal complexions, I would also recommend a small amount of violet. This will give an added richness to the colour and as it lightens through washing your hair, will not look as though the colour has faded excessively next to your skin.

Amber Gold

Luxurious, luminous and light reflective, it’s the perfect shade for warmer/darker blondes wanting a revamp. This is a super-simple yet effective way to try something new that is low commitment and doesn’t involve a huge colour change. Over existing highlights we can create a colour conditioning treatment that will deposit the Amber Gold tone from root to ends lasting up to 17 shampoos. This tone is better suited to the fairer haired. For those with darker hair, Amber Gold can still work but the hair would need to be lifted first to create a cleaner canvas for the tone to rest over it, a little more high maintenance but still achievable.